What is Signals Downeast?

Signals Downeast is a periodic ham radio newsletter based out of Milbridge, Maine and focusing primarily on ham radio events and people in Eastern Maine.  However, read on . . .

Broadening Our Scope

Our newsletter might focus mostly on Downeast Maine, however, we are extending our reach using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. If we can interest someone in amateur radio, what does it matter where they live? A new ham radio operator is an assett no matter their locale.

Bringing People Together

Signals Downeast aims to bring people together who have a mutual intest in radio-electronics, regardless of locations. If we can peak a person's interest in our hobby, then what does it matter whether they reside in Maine, or in Oregon? A new ham is a good thing regardless of their locale. That is why we are expanding into other social Internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Bringing Hams and Ham Wannabees Together!

Signals Downeast not only brings ham radio news to readers, but also aims to be informative in a broader scope regarding our communities, state, and nation when there is the potential to show off amateur radio and to peak interest among non-hams in our activities. That is why we plan to have a presense not only on the web, but other social media such as Twitter. Whether we interest someone in our hobby who happens to live in Maine or California makes jno difference. A new ham is a good thing no matter their locale.


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